The Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation (SVHF) is the philanthropic arm of the Sonoma Valley Hospital and a place where donors can connect their interests with the needs of our hospital and community.

The benefits of having a hospital in our community

are hard to overstate. Our close partnership with SVH serves our patients well because of the quick time to emergency care, and translates into the best service for our community. Getting patients to definitive care at our hospital as quickly as possible allows our ambulances to get back out to handle the next emergency in our Valley.

Steve Akre
Fire Chief, Sonoma Valley Fire District

One of the things that drew me to this medical community 5 years ago,

was that it was a self-sustained environment —community support made the 3D mammo possible, and it remains clear to me that this town believes in and supports our hospital.

Alexis Alexandridis, MD
Former SVHF Board Member

Coming into a hospital can be a scary time, but we provide a sense of comfort that is different

than elsewhere.  We often know our patients and their families and care for them as part of our community.

Pamela Van Wenzel Anderson, RN
Inpatient Assistant Nursing Manager
SVH Employee 6 years

Timing is of the essence for healthcare. It’s wonderful to have our hospital affiliated with UCSF…

something that is important to us and our entire community.


Pam and John Story
Ambassador Supporters

We’re lucky because Sonoma is a bit isolated and we have a great hospital in our town that can support this community,

especially families without many resources. We have used the ER at SVH and are thankful for the immediate help and quality care.


Mary Clark Janis, Amanda, Bryan and Poppy Jones
Ambassador Supporters

Our hospital is an extension of our community.

It supports the literal health and well-being of the Valley and is a hub of education and wellness: the bridge to a thriving community.

Prema Kerollis
SVHF Board Member

SVH is the keystone of our community.

Sonoma Valley would not be the same without a great hospital. We’ve seen many small community hospitals fail, but we don’t have the option of failing—SVH needs to be here to serve everyone and our community knows it’s critical to have hospital care in our town.

Simon Blattner
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Advisory Council
Diagnostic Center Campaign Chair

Having a facility this sophisticated in Sonoma is a pure gift.

The professionalism of our hospital’s staff and executives is first class, and the ER is a confidence builder for our Valley and everyone who lives here. We are one lucky community.

Suzanne Brangham
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Advisory Council
Legacy Society Member

I’m always amazed at how our community supports SVH.

The engagement and generosity of our donors is amazing. This kind of support creates sustainability for our hospital so we can serve our community well.

Marek Grzybowski, PT, MPT
SVH Employee 16 years

Our hospital is a vital entity for our community;

it allows me to serve my patients more effectively and in a timely manner. I am grateful to our donors for your support to make our hospital thrive for so many years for my patients and our community.

Yong Liu, MD, PharmD
Sonoma Physician 20+ years

We believe in healthcare philanthropy.

Everything in life depends on good health. I feel an obligation to support our local hospital so that everyone can have a hospital that is good enough for them. A vibrant, quality hospital impacts all aspects of the community, including people wanting to live here.

Elizabeth Sealey
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Member

We are a small hospital and we need the support from our community to make it work.

Other community hospitals in our county have closed, yet we are thriving and growing and it’s because of our donor support.

Denise Silver
Community Member and Supporter

Few towns of our size have the luxury of having a hospital.

It’s only possible with ongoing community support. In order to support, it requires having confidence in its leadership and outcomes. And we do.

Les and Judy Vadasz
Visionary Supporters