Annual Giving

Making an annual gift is a meaningful way to impact our hospital’s ability to serve Sonoma Valley with excellent healthcare.

We are a small hospital and we need the support from our community to make it work.

Other community hospitals in our county have closed, yet we are thriving and growing and it’s because of our donor support.

Joe Cornett, RN
Wound Care Specialist
SVH Employee 11 years

I’m always amazed at how our community supports SVH.

The engagement and generosity of our donors is amazing. This kind of support creates sustainability for our hospital so we can serve our community well.

Marek Grzybowski, PT, MPT
SVH Employee 16 years

Our hospital is a vital entity for our community;

it allows me to serve my patients more effectively and in a timely manner. I am grateful to our donors for your support to make our hospital thrive for so many years for my patients and our community.

Yong Liu, MD, PharmD
Sonoma Physician 20+ years

My family and I live in Sonoma, and it’s very nice having our hospital close by for emergencies.

We’re a small hospital and our staff go the extra mile for our patients. Nobody wants to feel sick, but when you do it’s nice to be able to come somewhere where you know you’ll be well taken care of.

Carmen Ramos
Patient Access Manager
SVH Employee 11 years

SVH is indispensable for our community.

I am in constant communication with our hospital all day long—ordering tests, diagnostic studies for my patients. Our hospital is vital to the good health of Sonoma.

Brian Sebastian, MD
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Chair

I appreciate what the donors do for our hospital,

including the new CT scanner, and know that the ability for us to serve the community with ongoing medical needs will depend on the community’s continued support for SVH.

Ako Walther, MD
SVH Hospitalist