Women’s Health Symposium

Our Women’s Health Symposium is in partnership with UCSF Health and provides our community with access to world-class health education from some of the top physicians, researchers, and professors in their fields of study and practice.

Our next Women’s Health Symposium will be May 2025. We hope to see you there!

Our Women’s Health Symposium is unique, important, and educational.

The fact that we have this level of a symposium in our community is not only beneficial for our hospital, but also for the entire town.

Cherie Hughes
SVHF Board Member
Women’s Health Symposium Co‑Chair
Legacy Society Member

Our hospital is an extension of our community.

It supports the literal health and well-being of the Valley and is a hub of education and wellness: the bridge to a thriving community.

Prema Kerollis
SVHF Board Member

Our Women’s Health Symposium provides a service for SVH

to be able to share with the women of our community—access to education on women’s health. It’s important for them to hear the research and clinical work being done on key aspects of women’s health and we’re lucky enough to get some terrific UCSF physicians to present in our community.

Joan Weill
Champion Supporter
Women’s Health Symposium Co‑Chair