Foundation History

Since its founding in 1982, Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation has enabled the hospital to enhance medical services, expand health care and wellness programs, upgrade facilities, and offer services to patients who could not otherwise afford to pay for care.

Coming into a hospital can be a scary time, but we provide a sense of comfort that is different

than elsewhere.  We often know our patients and their families and care for them as part of our community.

Pamela Van Wenzel Anderson, RN
Inpatient Assistant Nursing Manager
SVH Employee 6 years

It’s critical that our community believes in our hospital. The fact that

we’ve been able to stay open is in large part thanks to our donors and community support. It’s there when people need it…and they are so glad it’s there when they do!

Jane Hirsch
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Member
Former SVH District Board Chair

Having a facility this sophisticated in Sonoma is a pure gift.

The professionalism of our hospital’s staff and executives is first class, and the ER is a confidence builder for our Valley and everyone who lives here. We are one lucky community.

Suzanne Brangham
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Advisory Council
Legacy Society Member

We are a small hospital and we need the support from our community to make it work.

Other community hospitals in our county have closed, yet we are thriving and growing and it’s because of our donor support.

Joe Cornett, RN
Wound Care Specialist
SVH Employee 11 years

The value of our hospital is immeasurable.

Having the ER and ICU so close, provides great healthcare in our community. You don’t realize how much you appreciate a health facility of this quality until you need it.

Tom Landy and Esty Lawrie
Ambassador Supporters
SVHF Advisory Council

Of course I hope to never need the ER at our hospital,

but I want to help make sure that it’s there if I need it or our community needs it. Every good community has a strong hospital.

Nancy Lilly
Ambassador Supporter
Former SVHF Board Member
Legacy Society Member

The affiliation with UCSF is huge, and the ongoing potential is even greater.

It’s a game changer for our community, and we’ve kicked it off in a very positive way. For a town our size to have a connection to such a highly regarded institution is remarkable.

Gary and Marcia Nelson
Visionary Supporters

Established in 1957, the hospital, with 24 acute care beds and a 27-bed Skilled Nursing Facility, operates under the auspices of the Sonoma Valley Health Care District, which was created in March 22, 1946, by community residents who saw a critical shortage of hospital beds in the State following World War II. Today, Sonoma Valley Hospital embraces the Healing Hospital model of care and offers services that encompass the whole spectrum of health care needs, underscoring its mission to “maintain, improve and restore the health of everyone in our community.”

The Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of Sonoma Valley Hospital, cultivating community support and raising funds to assist the Hospital in its mission to maintain, improve and restore the health of everyone in our community.

Our Hospital relies mainly on reimbursements for services with support from a Parcel Tax. But it also counts on philanthropy dollars raised by the Foundation for capital equipment purchases, some facility improvements, and certain community health services such as our mammography program for uninsured women, which is funded by the Foundation.