Ways to Give

Supporting our hospital is an investment in our community, one that benefits everyone in the Sonoma Valley.

SVH is the keystone of our community.

Sonoma Valley would not be the same without a great hospital. We’ve seen many small community hospitals fail, but we don’t have the option of failing—SVH needs to be here to serve everyone and our community knows it’s critical to have hospital care in our town.

Simon Blattner
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Advisory Council
Diagnostic Center Campaign Chair

Timing is of the essence for healthcare. It’s wonderful to have our hospital affiliated with UCSF…

something that is important to us and our entire community.

Pam and John Story
Ambassador Supporters

One of the key ingredients to making our Valley vibrant is to have a quality hospital.

The economics of hospitals are difficult, and a community of our size often cannot afford a very good hospital. We are lucky enough to have an excellent one and we have to support it. What else is there that would be more important?

Yves de Balmann
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Member

Sonoma Valley Hospital is the place to go for care.

Nobody wants to be 30 or 40 minutes from a hospital when they need emergent medical care. Our generous community has come together and found solutions to our hospital being able to address their needs—thank you.

Subhash Mishra, MD
Sonoma Physician 17 years

I’m grateful to our community for their generous support

in providing us with the 3-D mammography machine, which our patients appreciate and benefit from. Our Project Pink Program is another example of the generosity of donors among us, providing free mammograms for those who are uninsured or underinsured and giving them the care and peace of mind that they deserve.

Cindy Oranje
Mammography Technologist
20 years at SVH

Our father is at the core of our giving to our hospital.

He had tremendous experiences here over the years, and we saw first-hand the quality medical care that saved his life more than once. SVH is a jewel for our community and requires community support to keep it so.

Charlie and Ned Purdom
Ambassador Supporters

Few towns of our size have the luxury of having a hospital.

It’s only possible with ongoing community support. In order to support, it requires having confidence in its leadership and outcomes. And we do.

Les and Judy Vadasz
Visionary Supporters

As a lifelong Sonoma resident, I know first-hand the value of having our community hospital

close by. I had my babies here, we had countless ER visits over the years, and the convenience of having local healthcare is wonderful. SVH truly is a special place and I’m honored to have worked here for the past 26 years.

Dawn Kuwahara
SVH Chief Ancillary Officer 26 years at SVH

Sonoma Valley Hospital is a fundamental service for our community and is the only hospital and emergency room in Sonoma, serving all 40,000 Valley residents. Donors can give in a variety of ways that have meaningful impact. Every dollar raised improves the quality of care and service our hospital provides to create a healthy community.

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