Hospital District Board Task Force To Hold Public Meeting On Skilled Nursing Facility

Sep 13, 2018 | Sonoma Valley Hospital News

The Sonoma Valley Health Care District Board task force charged with making a recommendation to the Board on the future of the hospital’s Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), has scheduled a meeting to gain public input on Thursday, September 27, at 5 pm in the Community Meeting Room, 177 1st St. West in Sonoma. The public is invited to attend, and public comment is encouraged.

The Board has charged the task force with identifying ways either to improve the SNF’s financial performance to make it sustainable or recommend closure within a reasonable amount of time. The task force was formed in August and includes board, administration, physician and community representatives. A consultant with expertise in SNF financial and operational management was also brought in to help with the assessment. The task force is planning to make an interim report at the Board’s October 4 meeting.