Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation Reaches $21M Fundraising Goal For New Outpatient Diagnostic Center

Aug 4, 2020 | Sonoma Valley Hospital News

Sonoma Valley Hospital Foundation announced that its capital campaign has reached the goal of raising $21 million to fund the new Outpatient Diagnostic Center for Sonoma Valley Hospital. According to Foundation Executive Director, Dave Pier, it is the most funds raised by a capital campaign in the Foundation’s 38 years of supporting the hospital.

“We are tremendously grateful to our capital campaign team for their outstanding fundraising efforts over the past two years, and to our entire community for coming together to support the hospital,” said Pier. “This new center will help keep our hospital at the forefront of advanced diagnostics and enhance emergency care, making it easier for Valley residents to get excellent care close to home.”

“This effort was truly a collaboration by so many in our community,” noted Campaign Chair Simon Blattner. “It drew on the generosity of donors and community members, hospital employees and the local medical community. We did it together!”

Blattner acknowledged the efforts of Campaign Cabinet members Cherie Hughes, Marcia Levy, Nancy Lilly, Steve Sangiacomo, Dave Pier and hospital CEO Kelly Mather. He also expressed appreciation to the many volunteers who assisted with campaign outreach, including Suzanne Brangham, Gerry Brinton, Richard Conley, Ethel Daly, David Good, Art Grandy, Donna Halow, Jane Hirsch, Kevin Jaggie, Tom Landy, Roger Nelson, Steve Page, Buddy Pepp, Paul Rozanski, Joshua Rymer, Dr. Brian Sebastian, Jeff Walter, Patsy Wynne, and Chuck Young.

“We’re especially grateful to our Visionary and Champion Donors who gave leadership gifts of $1 million or more,” Pier said. “These included The McQuown Family, Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation, Vadasz Family Foundation, The Dolby Family, Joan and Mike Buckley Family, Marcia and Gary Nelson Family, and Joan and Sandy Weill and the Weill Family Foundation. This campaign could not have been completed without their generosity.”

The $21 million raised will cover construction costs and the purchase of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for the new 20,000 square foot center. The first phase of construction, which includes a new 128-slice CT scanner, will be completed this fall. The second phase, which includes a new 3 Tesla MRI, along with updated ultrasound and X-ray equipment, and updated space and equipment for cardiology and laboratory services, will be completed by late 2021. Through its affiliation with SVH, UCSF Health has committed to use the facility as its diagnostic center for the North Bay.

“I understand this was the largest privately-funded campaign ever in Sonoma Valley,” said Kelly Mather, SVH CEO.  “I can’t begin to express our appreciation to the Foundation Board, campaign volunteers, donors and our community for this achievement. It’s a significant investment in the community’s health and wellbeing, and we’re tremendously grateful to all those who gave so generously of their time and money.”

According to Mather, financial projections show the Diagnostic Center increasing hospital net revenues by $1.5 million annually, when fully operational, in part as a result of physicians no longer having to refer patients outside of Sonoma Valley for advanced diagnostic care.