Sonoma Valley Hospital Recognized For Environmental Practices

Apr 23, 2018 | Sonoma Valley Hospital News

Sonoma Valley Hospital has been recognized for its environmentally-friendly and sustainability practices by Practice Greenhealth, a national organization promoting environmental stewardship and best practices in the healthcare industry.

SVH has received a 2018 “Greenhealth Partner for Change” Award for its efforts to improve environmental practices in a number of areas including waste reduction, recycling, conservation, and source reduction programs.

Programs under way at the Hospital include improved energy use tracking, improved plastics recycling, and an employee education program to reduce use of plastic straws and containers.

In the past year, SVH has increased its recycling efforts by 22 percent over 2016 and decreased Scope II Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20 percent. Other areas that the Hospital monitors include water and electrical usage.

“We continue our strong commitment to sound environmental practices at the Hospital, seeing it as an important part of our ongoing efforts to improve the health of our patients, staff and community,” said Kelly Mather, CEO. She acknowledged the contributions of the Hospital’s Green Team in leading staff conservation efforts, including Ellen Shannahan, Gina Schwarz, James Dugger, Janine Clark, Kathy Mathews, Ken Jensen, Laura Dunkle, Nancy Large, Anna Harleman and Rosemary Pryszmant.

About Practice Greenhealth

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