SVH Resumes Elective Procedures

May 6, 2020 | From the SVH CEO

I’m pleased to announce that, starting this week, Sonoma Valley Hospital is resuming delayed elective procedures, including outpatient surgeries. It’s a moment we’ve been preparing for since COVID-19 first reached the Bay Area. Across our organization, we have taken every precaution to make this moment possible and provide you with care that continues to meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Your safety remains our top priority, and you should expect no less.

That’s why we’re dedicated to conducting COVID-19 testing. We are also screening and testing all patients before their procedures, and we have implemented enhanced cleaning in addition to maintaining isolation and specialized workflows for COVID-19 care. We’ve taken all of these steps, and many more, so you can have the confidence that, when you need care, there’s no better or safer place to be than here at Sonoma Valley Hospital.

Our decision to resume these services aligns with that of our partner, UCSF Health, which has issued a statement about how and why they intend to do so, and the importance of no longer delaying essential services.  They cite 10 principles we also support.  You can find their communication here.

We are ready to see you, and are here for you always, whenever you need us.

In good health

Kelly Mather 
Sonoma Valley Hospital