SVH Skilled Nursing Facility Task Force Releases Consultant’s Report

Oct 9, 2018 | Sonoma Valley Hospital News

Sonoma Valley Hospital’s Skilled Nursing Facility Task Force has made available to the community the report provided by the consultant retained to assist with financial and operational evaluation of the service. The consultant, Regulatory, Risk, Compliance Specialists, Inc. (RRCS), provided the report to the Task Force in late September to assist the group in making an informed decision on the proposal to close the SNF.

According to Jane Hirsch, SNF Task Force chair, the results of the consultant’s report were factored into the interim report the SNF Task Force made at the public meeting on September 27 and also at the Board meeting on October 4.

The report is available online at the website as SNF Consultant’s Report. It includes the complete report made by RRCS except for supporting charts and tables which contain patient information and cannot be shared.

Hirsch noted that that no decisions will be made for several months to allow time for the Task Force to test process improvement changes to the SNF and determine their financial impact. She said another public meeting to update the community will be held in the near future.