We Are Always Here For You

Oct 10, 2019 | From the SVH CEO

During this red flag advisory and power shutdown, Sonoma Valley Hospital stands ready to respond to the needs of our community. We are currently operating on generator power, so that essential medical services continue to be available to our community. Our Emergency Department is open 24/7, as always.  In addition, we’ve been able to continue inpatient care and are still offering many of our outpatient services.  The new generator was made possible by the General Obligation Bond and was funded by our community. 

If you are not already aware, we are led by a highly trained and FEMA certified Emergency Preparedness Team. Our team is composed of physicians, nurses, facilities and hospital leaders who work with state, county, city, other hospitals and community services as needed. This team worked for days to prepare for the power shut down. I’m pleased to share that everything went very smoothly today – especially since we have not had to operate this long on generator power for as long as anyone can remember. 

It seems that in these moments, I receive the most heartfelt notes of support and gratitude by people appreciating having OUR HOSPITAL here at home. There seems to be a sense of pride by so many who know that our community has made a difference by helping to ensure the hospital is here and healthy.  I’ve also heard many are relieved to know that we are ready for all types of emergencies. 

I wanted to share my appreciation and thank everyone, especially our city, for the amazing teamwork! 

In good health,

Kelly Mather

Sonoma Valley Hospital