Sonoma Valley Hospital Timeshares Increase Community Access to Specialist Physicians

Jul 12, 2016 | Sonoma Valley Hospital News | 0 comments

Sonoma Valley Hospital announced that it has expanded specialist medical services available to Sonoma Valley residents by assisting several physicians and surgeons to practice in Sonoma through two new timeshare offices.

Since last fall, the Hospital has opened two offices which enable out-of-town specialist physicians to schedule clinic days in Sonoma to see patients. These offices are located at 610 1st Street West and 462 West Napa Street.

New physicians include foot and ankle specialists Oendrila Kamal, MD and Anthony Fredrigo, MD; nephrologists Federico Calaf, MD and Eric Cheung, MD, both associated with Nephrology Associates in Santa Rosa; and Parinaz Azari, MD, a pain management specialist who is moving her practice to Sonoma and will begin seeing patients here by Fall.

Last year, the Hospital also provided timeshare office space for C. Robert Pettit, MD, an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) specialist, and Harry Neuwirth, MD, a Urologist. It also helped arrange for Dr. Kabir Singh, a Marin cardiologist, to come to Sonoma on a part-time basis to expand the practice of James Price, M.D.

The Hospital also announced that two new general surgeons, Russell Sawyer, MD, and Sabrina Kidd, MD, will assume general surgical duties at the Hospital. Dr. Kidd is also a colorectal surgical specialist.

“We believe it’s important to ensure that the community has access to a broad range of medical services right here in Sonoma,” said Kelly Mather, SVH CEO. “Setting up physician timeshares is a creative solution to meeting this need since many specialists will not have enough patients to sustain a full-time practice here. The timeshares enable some excellent physicians and surgeons to see patients one or two days a week.”

“We’re currently talking with several other specialists who are interested in practicing in Sonoma and we hope to announce them in a few months, once their accreditation process is completed,” she added.

For information on how to contact these physicians, call Celia Kruse De La Rosa at 707.935.5257.