What We Do

SVHF helps our hospital thrive by providing funds for (primarily capital) expense needs that would otherwise not be funded.

Our hospital is an extension of our community.

It supports the literal health and well-being of the Valley and is a hub of education and wellness: the bridge to a thriving community.

Prema Behan
SVHF Board Member

SVH is the keystone of our community.

Sonoma Valley would not be the same without a great hospital. We’ve seen many small community hospitals fail, but we don’t have the option of failing—SVH needs to be here to serve everyone and our community knows it’s critical to have hospital care in our town.

Simon Blattner
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Advisory Council
Diagnostic Center Campaign Chair

SVH is very important to us as local residents, knowing that we can get here quickly in an emergency.

Our care has always been great and each time we’ve left with positive outcomes and appreciating how well we were cared for.

Richard Conley
Ambassador Supporter
Legacy Society Member
SVHF Board Member

One of the key ingredients to making our Valley vibrant is to have a quality hospital.

The economics of hospitals are difficult, and a community of our size often cannot afford a very good hospital. We are lucky enough to have an excellent one and we have to support it. What else is there that would be more important?

Yves de Balmann
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Member

Our hospital is only what it is today because of the wonderful community support we receive.

Thank YOU for making great local healthcare a reality for Sonoma Valley.

John Hennelly
SVH Chief Executive Officer

Our hospital is essential for our community and it serves the entire population;

anybody can use the services. We lived through a lifesaving emergency personally many years ago, and we want to be sure that everyone in Sonoma Valley has access to that care.

Gary and Marcia Nelson
Visionary Supporters

Donor support has been critical to the survival and enhancement of our hospital

-the new wing and diagnostic center are examples. The Foundation continually engages with the members of our community so they can understand how important SVH is even when not using the ER or other services.

Joshua Rymer
Ambassador Supporter
Former SVH District Board Chair

I appreciate what the donors do for our hospital,

including the new CT scanner, and know that the ability for us to serve the community with ongoing medical needs will depend on the community’s continued support for SVH.

Ako Walther, MD
SVH Hospitalist

Phyllis and I have always appreciated the value of SVH in our community.

This comes from personal experience. Having a local, high-quality hospital with deeply caring people providing excellent personalized care is a gift for Sonoma.

John Gurney
Ambassador Supporter
Former SVHF Board Member
Sonoma City Council Member