Why It Matters (our mission)

We cultivate community support and raise funds for Sonoma Valley Hospital

The benefits of having a hospital in our community

are hard to overstate. Our close partnership with SVH serves our patients well because of the quick time to emergency care, and translates into the best service for our community. Getting patients to definitive care at our hospital as quickly as possible allows our ambulances to get back out to handle the next emergency in our Valley.

Steve Akre
Fire Chief
Sonoma Valley Fire District

Our hospital is an extension of our community.

It supports the literal health and well-being of the Valley and is a hub of education and wellness: the bridge to a thriving community.

Prema Behan
SVHF Board Member

Philanthropy has been decisive and necessary in providing our hospital facility

with the capabilities to serve the community. The ER and Surgical Suites, the new Diagnostic Center— SVH does not have the ability to fund these needs without community support and we are grateful.

Bill Boerum
SVH District Board Member

Our hospital is key to the health of the community.

Access for all to the ER is crucial for everyone, as is the availability of quality care for ongoing health maintenance and wellness.

Art Grandy
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Member
SVH District Finance Committee Member

Our community relies on our hospital to provide excellent

care, and our hospital relies on the support of our community in order to thrive. Thank you for believing in and supporting our hospital!

Dave Pier
SVHF Executive Director
Ambassador Supporter
Legacy Society Member

Hospitals are good because they make you feel better.

~ Poppy, age 4

Mary Clark Janis, Amanda, Bryan and Poppy Jones
Ambassador Supporters

Having the ER and access to the latest testing technology and doctors at our hospital,

gives us peace of mind and is crucial to our ability to live here in Sonoma. In an emergency, time is everything.  SVH is as essential to our being able to live here as any other fundamental public service.  We’re totally committed to supporting the hospital and seeing it expand its affiliation with UCSF.

Cherie Hughes
SVHF Board Member
Women’s Health Symposium Co‑Chair
Legacy Society Member

There are so few small towns in America that have a full service hospital, and there are so many benefits

to having our ER and physicians locally. Our community has done everything necessary to step up and ensure this resource is here and available.

Steve Page
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Advisory Council
Parcel Tax Campaign Co‑Chair

Small community hospitals are the heart and soul of our country.

We need them to thrive, and our community hospital can only do so with the philanthropic support of our Valley. We are fortunate that in Sonoma the people of our community recognize and act on this, and I am grateful for what they have done for our hospital.

Jessica Winkler, RN
SVH Chief Nursing Officer