Support from our community is directly responsible for our hosptial being able to thrive as it does today. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference in the healthcare of patients and all of Sonoma Valley.

One of the things that drew me to this medical community 5 years ago,

was that it was a self-sustained environment —community support made the 3D mammo possible, and it remains clear to me that this town believes in and supports our hospital.

Alexis Alexandridis, MD
Former SVHF Board Member

People rely on us and I’ve heard many times from our patients,

‘thank goodness you’re here’. Our facility is amazing, and our donors have made that possible—thank you!

Liz Montgomery Noden
Patient Access Services
SVH Employee 10 years

I had a lot of excuses for not pursuing my advanced degree in nursing.

I work in a place that is supportive of my desire to learn more, and once I realized staff grants are available from the Hospital Foundation I was out of excuses—and now I’m finishing my degree this year. Your support has made me a better nurse. Thank you!

Pamela Van Wenzel Anderson, RN
Inpatient Assistant Nursing Manager
SVH Employee 6 years

Accessible affordable healthcare is the foundation

of any thriving community. Supporting Sonoma Valley Hospital means caring for the health and well-being of your friends and neighbors.

Lindsay Bennett
SVHF Board Member

We in Sonoma are so very fortunate to have such an outstanding medical facility as SVH right here

in our own community.  We are especially grateful for the fine care and compassion afforded us by our hospital’s doctors, nurses and staff. Keep up the good work!

Pete and Diane Donnici
Benefactor Supporters

Of course I hope to never need the ER at our hospital,

but I want to help make sure that it’s there if I need it or our community needs it. Every good community has a strong hospital.

Nancy Lilly
Ambassador Supporter
Former SVHF Board Member
Legacy Society Member

Sonoma Valley Hospital is the place to go for care.

Nobody wants to be 30 or 40 minutes from a hospital when they need emergent medical care. Our generous community has come together and found solutions to our hospital being able to address their needs—thank you.

Subhash Mishra, MD
Sonoma Physician 17 years

The Foundation grants give the opportunity to learn more and educate yourself

so you can do more for our patients.  I’m grateful for the Foundation’s support of my continued education.

Carmen Ramos
Patient Access Manager
SVH Employee 11 years

We believe in healthcare philanthropy.

Everything in life depends on good health. I feel an obligation to support our local hospital so that everyone can have a hospital that is good enough for them. A vibrant, quality hospital impacts all aspects of the community, including people wanting to live here.

Elizabeth Sealey
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Member

SVH is indispensable for our community.

I am in constant communication with our hospital all day long—ordering tests, diagnostic studies for my patients. Our hospital is vital to the good health of Sonoma.

Brian Sebastian, MD
Ambassador Supporter
SVHF Board Chair

Recent community support has made possible the diagnostic center, new surgery equipment, transition to new Epic/My Chart electronic health record, and the Project Pink cancer screening program.